Heartbreaking day today . It’s been our absolute privilege t…

Heartbreaking day today 🧡. It’s been our absolute privilege to work and support Max and his amazing charity work over the last few years. Sending our love to Kerry, Angela, Paddy & Harry Max Out in the Lake District. 💚❤️. Gone but never forgotten 🧡

“Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us every day” Our beautiful Max fell asleep in Manesty Woods today with Paddy and Harry, his two adoring brothers overseeing his onward journey. The sun shone, the sound of the lake, the birdsong, the breeze in the trees and the scent of his favourite woodland walk comforting him. This small dog with the waggy tail and hugest of hearts, gave love and hope to thousands of people worldwide. Max’s legacy and story will continue to grow and inspire for many years to come. Every day gave us memories and every step with you beside us was a privilege.
When you see the orange glow of a sunrise or a sunset, think of Max and he’ll be there. Our hero, a true legend, the worlds most loved dog. We’d like to say a huge thank you to the team at Frame, Swift and Partners for going the extra mile, with two staff giving up their free time to help Max on his final journey showing the compassion, love and dignity he rightly deserved. It just was perfect. #MaxtheMiracleDog #BeMoreSpaniel