We hope you are all looking forward to your bank holiday?…

We hope you are all looking forward to your bank holiday?

Why not treat yourself to one of our amazingly delicious coffees, all freshly ground and brewed to your order….we receive rave reviews about our coffee and hot chocolate, why don’t you come and taste how good they are.

And if you fancy a little treat on this long weekend why not indulge in one of the Yorkshire Bakery’s scrumptious cakes. We have on offer:

🌻 Chocolate Brownies
🌻 Caramel Chocolate Brownies
🌻 Bakewell Slice
🌻 Toffee flapjack
🌻 Orange Drizzle cake
🌻 Lemon & Ginger Drizzle

This weekend we will also be giving away free packets of Sunflower seeds – so come and pick up potential bloomers and take part in what will now become Grassington’s annual sunflower growing competition. Judging will take place in August so hurry and get planting#sunflowersforhope – Upper Wharfedale 🌻

We look forward to your visit!

Love From Ben & Kirsty x ❤️ ☕️