Petition: Stop increases in road tax for motorhomes.

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Sign the petition and help stop a 705% rise in motorhome VED

Our campaign to stop government imposing a 705% increase in new motorhome registration tax has continued to gather pace in recent weeks.

In just over 10 days, nearly 150 NCC members have written to their constituency MPs, forcing parliamentarians to sit up and listen to the many objections regarding this draconian tax hike for motorhomes with a Euro 6D/2 engine.

The message to Treasury is simple – a motorhome is not a car and taxing them as such is simply wrong. So far, more than 30 different MPs have responded positively to our collective lobby efforts and have written directly to key government officials calling for this tax increase to be stopped. We urge you to continue writing and demand action!

We are now calling on all members to sign and share this new petition on the UK Parliament website as a matter of urgency.

Let's demonstrate to the government in large numbers just how devastating a road fund tax increase from £265 PLG rate to £2,135 on new motorhomes will be for everyone connected to the motorhome industry.

Please sign the petition today, encourage your employees to also sign up and, more importantly, share it far and wide! Click on the banner below to sign now…

Petition: Stop increases in road tax for motorhomes.

Road tax is due to rise by over 700% with the governments new plans to classify motorhomes differently. The purpose of this petition is to keep it as it is to protect this industry and local tourism