LED Small Glass Balloons…

❤️💜 LED Small Glass Balloons 💜❤️

We have a gorgeous selection of these beautiful light up hanging balloons in a variety of colour designs. Small balloons in red, blue, pink, purple, green, orange and clear. 10cm x 6cm
Medium in green, orange & clear 15cm x 10cm
Large balloons in blue only 19cm x 13cm

Get ready for these prices….. UP TO 70% OFF

Small RRP £9 x Our price …ONLY £2.50
Medium RRP £13 x Our price…. ONLY £4.00
Large RRP £18 x Our price …….Only £6.00

*Batteries included*

Postage available, prices dependent on size of box to be delivered.

50% of the proceeds goes to NCC Benevolent Fund.